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Spa and Relaxation

Our affordable spa products and spa accessories delight the senses with enchanting scents, creamy lathers and plush materials.
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Forget expensive salon spa treatments and detox from your day in the comfort of your home. Add a little bit of tranquility to your morning showers or go all out and turn your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary with invigorating fragrances, which lift your senses and heal the body - all at prices that keep your mind and wallet at ease.

Set the mood with candles and calming bathroom accessories including massagers and bath pillows. Next, choose from our aromatherapy scents like citrus, jasmine, coconut, lavender and more. Soak in the tub with bath crystals, bath salts or a relaxing bubble bath. If skin care is part of the regimen, select from an array of scrubbers, sisal mitts and pumice stones. Wrap yourself in a luxury spa like towel and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth with our moisturizing lotions once you step out of the shower. Finish your pampered experience with a rose and mint julep drink to keep hydrated and feeling peaceful long after you leave the bath.