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White Elephant Party
White Elephant Party

How To Throw A

White Elephant Party

Have some lighthearted fun with friends, work colleagues or family with a "white elephant" gift exchange.

Here's How To Play:


Set a gift price limit. Each person brings a wrapped gift—the quirkier and funnier, the better.


The person who picked "2" can then either "steal" the opened gift from the first guest, or choose a new gift and open it. If the first guest has their gift stolen, they get to choose another from the pile and open it.


The giver's identity should stay a secret.


Continue the process for each guest in numerical order. Any guest who has their gift stolen can steal a gift from someone else or pick a new one from the pile.


Write out numbers, one for each guest, and throw them into a bowl. At a party for 15 people, you will have the numbers 1 through 15.


Remember: you cannot immediately steal back a gift that was stolen from you. Wait at least one turn before stealing a gift.


Ask each guest to pick a number.


After the last gift is opened, the first player has the option to steal someone else's gift.


The person who picked "1" starts the game by choosing a wrapped gift and opening it.


Game over! May you take home the best White Elephant gift.