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We've created indoor and outdoor spaces in modern, industrial, global-eclectic, and bohemian styles—at prices you're going to love. Discover your personal style in the different spaces below.
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If you're looking for inspiration on finding your personal home decorating style, we've put together some inspiration and ideas for you with our Shop the Room guide. Update your home decor, including both indoor and outdoor spaces, even down to the smallest details.

Whether your style is classic, modern or global-eclectic, our furniture and decor selections bring color and character to your living spaces. Discover our industrial, mid-century modern or bohemian styles and find inspiration for your personal fashion in the different spaces in your home. At prices you'll love, it's easy to bring home a range of unique items to suite your taste. Explore each room style or choose smaller pieces to weave into your existing decor. Stuck on a housewarming present? Our shop the room guide also allows you to find that special gift based on your friend's style and taste.

From boho to rustic, to vintage or modern day chic, our Shop the Room guide helps bring artistic allure to your home whether you shop the whole room or mix and match pieces to create your own personal vibe.