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Savor our selection of French foods, s'il vous plaît! You'll discover an array of price-conscious palate pleasers handpicked for authentic flavors.
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Regardless of whether you grew up in France, visited once and fell in love, or have it on your bucket list, shop our selection of French treats and delicious food for a taste that's très très bon! Everyone knows cheese and wine are a major part of the French cuisine and although it may require a bit of inside knowledge to create the perfect pairings, we've created an easy guide guaranteed to make you a wine and cheese whiz. Explore our vast selection of wines, including Veuve Clicquot Champagne, red blends from Bordeaux, and bottles of light and dry Côtes de Provence Rosé. Enjoy the pour and bring home one of wine glasses with options to suit any style.

Shop our assortment of authentic, imported, gourmet French paté, spices, mustards, chocolates, sparkling soda, desserts and other specialties. Pick up the ingredients to make the queen of all soups – French Onion. The French have a reputation for making the world's best mustards, so select from a variety of Dijon, spiced and whole grain mustards to use in your sandwiches or with meats to put them to the taste test. It's also no secret the French love love – so when Valentine's Day roles around, gather up all your closest girl friends and have a celebration while indulging in sweet French desserts. Create a single ladies Valentine's Day party filled with sweet crepes for an evening of eating, laughing and watching cheesy romantic movies.