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Our delicious discoveries from down under include Bundaberg Ginger Beer, Tim Tam chocolate biscuits, sweet treats and, of course, Vegemite - everything you need to enjoy your arvo, mate!
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Invite all your Aussie friends over and give them a taste of home with your delightful Australian discoveries. We all know Vegemite tastes better than Marmite – that's why it's used for breakfast, lunch and dinner when you live down under. With its savory taste, it's sure to make anyone nostalgic for the world's smallest continent. Find an array of Australian sweets and treats like Tim Tam biscuits, and shop for licorice in a variety of textures and flavors, like soft and sweet mango and strawberry. Nab tasty and hard-to-find afternoon tea treats, from chocolate scotch finger biscuits to a crisp Anzac biscuit with its coconut and golden syrup flavor.

Get ready for an arvo filled with a barble (aka BBQ) in your backyard. Set up your self-serve cocktail station and lay out the Bundaberg! With recipes like pash and pine, 'honey I'm home', 'tall, dark and ginger', your cocktail station is sure to be the talk of the town! Don't forget sodas crafted with real fruit juice; Bickford's sodas is delicious as a mixer or refreshing on its own. No cocktail station is complete without some wine from down under and our selection of Shiraz will be a surprisingly sweet flavor addition. You'll have all your guests saying "Cheers, Mate!"