Trend We Love: Statement Necklaces

WHY WE LOVE IT: Often adorned with baubles and made unique with intricate designs and metalwork, cloth weaving and fine detailing, a statement necklace gets attention. In fact it’s probably the only time you’ll feel good saying, “Excuse me, but my eyes are up here.”

STYLE ORIGINS: Both women and men in ancient Egypt wore statement necklaces as a symbol of their status and wealth. Although we don’t see as many contemporary men wearing statement necklaces nowadays, we’re happy to see that fashionistas can’t get enough of this accessory trend, no matter their budget.

OUR FAVORITES: Our Silver Coin Statement Necklace, Turqoise and Coral Necklace, and show-stopping CRAFT BY WORLD MARKET Ayana Statement Necklace (pictured below).

On Trend: Bib Necklaces - Discover, a blog by World Market

On Trend: Bib Necklaces detail - Discover, a blog by World Market



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