Set a Holiday Kids’ Table They’ll Love

When the kids’ table is right next to the dessert bar and topped with crazy-cute toys and decor, you can bet that everyone at the party will want a seat at this most-coveted spot. Creating a merry scene for the littles was the aim of blogger Elaine Hargrove, who didn’t want to replicate holidays past.

Set a Holiday Kids' Table They'll Love - Discover, A World Market Blog

“I remember not wanting to sit at the kids’ table—I wanted to be with the adults when I was little,” she says. Armed with extra-large coloring books that doubled as placemats, plenty of colored pencils and crayons, and kid-approved dinnerware and activities, she created a table that kept her kids occupied for hours, without even a peep about joining the other table.

Get inspired with more creative ideas for a kids’ table at Elaine’s blog, House of Hargrove!

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