Spiced Grape and Cranberry Cocktail Recipe

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Every holiday party requires a signature beverage, especially when it’s Friendsgiving. Friendsgiving is a great time to mix up cocktails and mocktails that incorporate seasonal flavors, like nutmeg, star anise, cinnamon, and cloves.

Spiced Grape and Cranberry Cocktail Recipe - Discover, A World Market Blog

My friends and I took advantage of this by whipping up a bar cart with everything we needed to make a Spiced Grape and Cranberry Cocktail. What I loved about this idea is that we turned it into a “customize your own cocktail” bar.

We started with a base of Red Grape with Cranberry Sparkling Juice and Tito’s Handmade Vodka. From there, the girls added fruits and the fall spices they preferred. For the best flavors possible, I made sure to get whole spices that could be grated into the drink. I find the cocktail has a bolder kick this way.

Because vodka doesn’t have much of a flavor, you can easily leave it out, too. This is a perfect option for friends who prefer non-alcoholic drinks as well as those who are expecting. Just nix the liquor and have your friends layer flavors into their sparkling juice.

You can also pick up a few club sodas and have some fresh rosemary around for an even friendlier non-alcoholic beverage. If you decide on this option, have your friends fill their glass with the club soda, pop in a few cranberries and finish with just a pinch of rosemary. When I say pinch, that refers to both the amount and action. Pinching or pressing just a few leaves of rosemary will release the essence, so it flavors the soda.

Now, for the best Spiced Grape and Cranberry Cocktail (or mocktail), make sure you chill your sparkling juice and liquor before your guests arrive. Once they make their drink, tell them to wait a few minutes before sipping to allow the spices to work their magic. From there, clink your glasses and wait for the turkey to be carved.

Spiced Grape and Cranberry Cocktail Recipe - Discover, A World Market Blog

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