Moroccan Chicken with Oranges, Harissa and Olives Recipe

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The flavors of Moroccan cuisine are so compelling; it’s actually hard to put them into words. Earthy, aromatic, savory, tangy, layered, fresh, authoritative—every bite of a well-seasoned Moroccan dish is like a small hafla (party) in your mouth.

Moroccan Chicken with Oranges, Harissa and Olives Recipe - Discover, A World Market Blog




  • Jeanne Moraga

    How about a recipe to use in the Terra-cotta Tangine from World Market? I don’t think you can use on top of the stove or sauté with it. This was given to me for Christmas.
    Thank you for your help.
    Jeanne Moraga

  • Zahra

    This is a nice recipes,but this is not the original one.

  • Esther Figueroa

    So delicious and bursting with flavor. We are all essentially vegetarian so we make this using textured vegetable protein and adding soy sauce to taste at the end. It’s wonderful to report that my husband enjoys it too. He is basically fond of authentic Mexican food and sometimes Chinese. It’s great to find a new dish, one from Morocco that we all love!

  • Kimnrj

    Nice for a change up to chicken dishes. Heavy on the couscous for my household. Could use skinless and boneless thighs just as easily. Filling.

  • D

    That was great! Would love to see more recipe videos!

  • Dee

    Like this type of detail information

  • Dee

    Just what I wanted to see

  • Geo Terla

    I wish they’d publish the nutritional content, or did I miss it?


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