Game Day Food: Texas Chili

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Katie Workman - Discover, a blog by World Market


To talk about chili is, for many people, to talk about something sacred. As with any regional dish, some people feel there is the right way to make it, and the wrong way to make it, and only the way YOU make it is the right way—the others have it all wrong.

I, however, am not that kind of person. I like looking at a bunch of versions of a dish, borrowing a bit from this one, an idea from that one, a seasoning from another recipe, or maybe another cuisine altogether. Purists might hate me.

Apparently no Texan would be caught dead putting beans in their chili. There is also debate about whether tomatoes have a place, and if so whether it’s pureed tomatoes or tomato paste. But not only am I not a purist, I am not a Texan. I do however, like the idea of cubes of tender beef versus ground beef, which also seems to be a hallmark of Texas-style chili, and I sure do like all of those seasonings.  You can double the recipe easily, which you’ll want to do for a crowd or a potluck.

This is what is happening for dinner on Sunday at our NYC ranch.


Yield:8 Servings


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