Dill Martini Recipe

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I have a motto: Give good garnish! Homemade pickles make for fabulous flair on top of a cocktail. Savory and vibrant, the flavors play nicely with a variety of vodka or gin-based drinks. Not to mention, the pickles create the perfect opportunity to playfully accent the drink with pops of color and texture, depending on the types of veggies you decide to quick-pickle.

Dill Martini Recipe - Discover, A World Market Blog

Why let the pickling fun stop there? Here I take the theme one step further with a dill martini. It’s not as pungent as it may sound. This elegant drink is refreshing and well balanced with hints of dill, mustard and swirled with tangy pickling brine.

Dill Martini Recipe - Discover, A World Market Blog

Note: the color of your cocktail will depend on your homemade pickles – this cocktail has a lovely pink tint due to the pickling of purple cauliflower. So have fun and experiment with different types of vegetables for an exciting garnish and color!

A crisp cocktail and a classy garnish..nothing feels more special than being presented a glass that is filled with a thoughtful libation that’s carefully dressed up with something visually delightful. So—pick out your glassware and let’s put that star on top of your tree, or dill martini, so to speak.

Dill Martini Recipe - Discover, A World Market Blog

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