Christmas Cocktail: Creme Brulee Kahlua Cappuccino

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This year, we think you need to take your hot holiday cocktails to the next level. As in, literally light them on fire! Cappuccino is a much-loved after-dinner drink, but did you know that it can double as a cocktail and a dessert? By topping your caffeinated froth with raw sugar and getting your hands on a small cooking torch, you are moments away from delivering one of the most entertaining cocktails of the year.

Christmas Cocktail: Creme Brulee Kahlua Cappuccino - Discover, A World Market Blog

This brûlée beauty is smooth, creamy and decadent. But as fun as it is to make this cocktail, it’s also incredibly satisfying to drink! Who wouldn’t want a sweet candy-like surprise that can be cracked with a tap of the spoon before enjoying it’s warmth? I’m think there isn’t anything that could perfectly encompass the comfort that comes with celebrating the holiday season than what this little espresso cup can deliver!

Not into Kahlua? Not a problem! This cappuccino is also delightful paired with a creamy bourbon, or even spiced rum. But if you’re feeling the holiday spirit, but not wanting the spirits in your glass, you can also add nothing at all for a playful spin on your coffee classic.

So let’s grab a blanket, light the fire (both in your fireplace and on top of your mug) and get ready to stay in for the night. Cheers!

Christmas Cocktail: Creme Brulee Kahlua Cappuccino - Discover, A World Market Blog

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Recipe makes one cocktail (Can also be made as 4 “night cap” mini servings in individual espresso cups)


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