Journey to Jaipur: Our Fashion Buyer’s Top Picks

For color, pattern and design inspiration, there’s no more exotic destination than Jaipur, India. Our Fashion Buyer Cindy Tse’s expedition to this bustling, bright city uncovered an array of sartorial treasures, each one a celebration of traditional Indian culture, infused with modern, on-trend twists. Take a look at our five Jaipur-inspired looks below!

Nature Inspired: Our Green Belle Peasant Dress captures the hues and design cues found in Jaipur’s intricately-designed havelis (doorways), as well as the bursts of blooms and profusion of spices you’ll see in markets throughout the walled city.

Authentic Craftsmanship: Our Priya Mustard Yellow Paisley Top is the ideal expression of Jaipur’s traditional hand block-printed fabrics. This painstaking process takes time and attention, and results in one-of-a kind textiles that showcase the care and craftsmanship of the artisan.

Rose Tinted: The first thing any adventurer notices about Jaipur is the pink hue on the historic buildings, a remnant from the time in 1876 when the city was painted pink to welcome Queen Victoria. The tiles in this immaculate hallway inform this season’s color story, and Our Rust Marfa Fringe Wrap captures this rosy shade along with lovely accent colors.

Shades of History: Inspiration is everywhere in Jaipur, and the soft shades of the architecture and historic accents are reflected in our Stripe Miyu Kimono and Fabric and Wood Bead Necklace, chosen especially by our buyer as a celebration of Jaipur’s unique colorways.

Ancient Design: No visit to Jaipur is complete without a walkthrough of the Amer Fort. The intricate design details found in the doorways, tile choices and window shapes of this historic monument can be found in the yellow and lavender ribbon embellishments on our Rust Lake Cold Shoulder Tunic. And the shade of the fabric perfectly mimics the sunset over the battlements.

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