How To Host a Modern Tea Party


Can you feel it? The first day of spring is just a few days away. A great way to kick it off would be to have a lovely tea party. There’s something really special about spending intentional time with those closest to you, and that’s what tea parties have always been about. It’s simple: just prepare tasty snacks, enticing desserts, and of course, a few pots of delicious tea, and invite your friends over for a great time.

How To Host a Modern Tea Party - Discover, A World Market Blog

When it comes to tea parties, there’s a time and place for fine china and victorian elegance, but this spring is a great time for a modern take on the tea party, don’t you think? For this post, I’ve updated the tea party by taking elements from the past and giving them a much-needed refresh. This way, the tea party can remain beautiful and special while incorporating elements that you’d otherwise use every single day.

Here are the four main things to focus on when thinking about hosting your next tea party: setup, snacks, sweets, and tea. Let’s start with the setup!

Setup: Keep it simple, focused and intentional. Decorate with vibrant colors and fragrant flowers that make you happy. I already own a lot of beautiful white plates, which worked perfectly with the modern vibe I was going; the rose linen napkins complemented the plates perfectly. I went with blush pink and white for my flowers. This color palette felt very spring-appropriate, but feel free to choose whichever color speaks to you.

How To Host a Modern Tea Party - Discover, A World Market Blog

Snacks: The type of food served at a tea party can vary. For this gathering, I made two types of tea sandwiches: one with sliced cumber, basil, and whipped cream cheese, and another with stone-ground mustard, cheddar cheese, and roasted turkey. Other great ideas for snacks would be to serve tortilla wraps, mini quiches, or some other type of delicate canapé.

How To Host a Modern Tea Party - Discover, A World Market Blog

Sweets: Give your guests some options. When it comes to a tea party, having a good assortment of treats is essential. Make sure to include items that could either be enjoyed on their own or enhanced by a little dip into tea. For my spread I went with mini tarts for the former category, and scones and madeleines for the latter.

How To Host a Modern Tea Party - Discover, A World Market Blog

Tea: Your whole party is centered around your tea, so make it count. One way to go is to serve a few teas that pair readily with the snacks and sweets, but another is to serve a whole assortment and variety of flavors. I’m currently in love the this Lady Grey Tea from Twinings, but you could always go with a subtle chamomile or green tea for something more relaxed.

How To Host a Modern Tea Party - Discover, A World Market Blog

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