Holiday Tradition: Creating Hanukkah Gift Baskets


When we can’t be with our loved ones during the holidays, we do the next best thing and utilize modern technology that allows us to video chat with our family and friends as we light the candles on the menorah, spin the dreidel, and open Hanukkah gifts. We love to create and send gift baskets to our out-of-town relatives for Hanukkah, and selecting the items to fill our gift baskets is a fun activity for the entire family! 

Holiday Tradition: Creating Hanukkah Gift Baskets - Discover, A World Market Blog

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to picking out my favorite Hanukkah items—there were so many to choose from! I picked up thisnosh list notepad, modernwood and metal menorah,Hanukkah candles,Hanukcats book,Hanukkah pasta, andstamp set. I also special orderedchocolate and cinnamon babkaandrugelach from World Market’s authentic selection of Gourmet Delivered food—totallyworth the extra couple of days it takes to arrive and get delivered straight to your door. 

Holiday Tradition: Creating Hanukkah Gift Baskets - Discover, A World Market Blog

How to Make a Hanukkah Gift Basket: 

1. Get your basket! Select alarge white basketand fill it withblue crinkle basket fillerWe built and filled the basket in layers, beginning with the tallest and bulkiest items in the back. 

2. Layer. Place the mid-height items in the center of the basket and finish the basket with the smallest items in the front. 

(Note: I like to take some of the items out of their original packaging and give them my own personal touch, like these Hanukkah candles bundled and wrapped in a pretty silver ribbon.) 

3. Don’t forget the gelt! You can never have too much chocolate gelt at Hanukkah, so we finished off our basket with a generous amount of these shiny gold coins. 

4. Personalize. My three boys used this fun Hanukkah rubber stamp set to create personalized gift tags for our basket and other Hanukkah gifts. Super cute and easy peasy! The silver and blue stamp pads that come in this set are bold and saturated, and the stamps are perfectly sized to work well with small hands. 

My family couldn’t be happier with how our Hanukkah gift baskets turned out this year, and we are sure that our gift recipients are going to love them, too! 



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