Holiday Entertaining For Under $50


Who doesn’t love a good dessert spread? The holidays are the perfect time to partake, don’t you think? There are so many great holiday desserts from traditional gingerbread cookies to more contemporary favorites (looking at you, peppermint bark). Sometimes holiday entertaining can get a little daunting so my favorite way to celebrate with friends and family is to invite them over for a holiday treat. It’s the perfect way to enjoy their company without having to go through the formality of a sitdown dinner.

Holiday Entertaining For Under $50 - Discover, A World Market Blog

No Baking Necessary

And what’s even better? You don’t have to be talented in the kitchen. There’s a plethora of ready-made holiday desserts available for purchase. Here are a few of mine!

I love a good classic Panettone. Have you had one? There’s just something so tasty about it; it’s light, fluffy and sweet. This cranberry flavor is simple and delicious.

Holiday Entertaining For Under $50 - Discover, A World Market Blog

Next up? Shortbread cookies! I have a fondness for Walkers Shortbread, and I love the different Christmas shapes they’re available in.

Gingerbread cookies are a must. These are fun because they come undecorated. Sounds like a great project for the kids in the household, doesn’t it?

Holiday Entertaining For Under $50 - Discover, A World Market Blog

My father taught me that it just isn’t Christmas without a tasty slice of fruit loaf of some kind. This cherry walnut bread is just what the doctor ordered for the holidays.

Here’s a fun one. These little miniature-sized mincemeat tarts. How adorable are they? Mincemeat, if you didn’t know, is a tasty concoction of dried currants, apples, orange zest, and spice. And these take it a step further with a shortbread crust. Sounds tasty doesn’t it?

And last but not least, everyone’s favorite… peppermint bark. Oh, how I crave this year-round! I try to limit it to the holiday times to make the ritual of eating each bark extra special.

To set up the buffet, I used versatile white serveware and paired it with this vintage-looking pie server! And for decor, I used simple candles and plenty of them. For a festive touch these pinecone ornaments saved the day!

Holiday Entertaining For Under $50 - Discover, A World Market Blog

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