Genius Picnic Idea: DIY Beverage Stakes

Miranda Anderson

Picnic season is almost upon us, and I love nothing more than packing up lunch to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. Even takeout pizza becomes a great meal when placed on a beautiful cutting board atop a cozy spring blanket.

DIY drink stakes 1

One problem that has always plagued our picnics is beverage placement. How do we keep the bottles from tipping over? Open bottles and cans aren’t safe from tipping when set on the grass, and with open cups, the spillage is even worse.

These easy DIY Picnic Beverage Stakes are a simple solution, keeping open drinks steady and off the ground, while still within comfortable reach.

DIY drink stakes 2

DIY drink stakes 3

For this project you will need:

– set of clear acrylic cups
– 36-inch zinc coated threaded rod in 1/4-inch diameter, found at a hardware store
– eight (8) 1/4-inch nuts
– four (4) 1/4-inch locking washers
– small hack saw
– power drill with a 1/4-inch bit

DIY drink stakes 4


  1. Gather all of your supplies.
  2. Cut the threaded rod into four 9-inch pieces with the hack saw. It will take a little bit of elbow grease, but should cut fairly easily if you have a sharp blade.
  3. Repeat with for all four lengths of threaded rod.
  4. Drill a hole in the center of each cup with the power drill and bit. The hole will be just large enough to slide in the rod.
  5. Grab one cup, one rod, two nuts and a washer. These are the pieces you will need to assemble one Picnic Beverage Stake.
  6. Thread one nut and the washer onto the end of the rod down about one inch.
  7. Add the cup, sliding the threading through the hole in the base, with the nut and washer beneath it.
  8. Thread the other nut onto the top of the threading, inside the cup. Tighten the nut until it is flush with the top of the rod, then tighten the bottom nut until it’s finger tight, locking the cup upright onto the threaded rod.
  9. You’re finished! Repeat with the other 3 cups, and enjoy your set of DIY Picnic Beverage Stakes!

DIY drink stakes 5

DIY drink stakes 6

These easy DIY Picnic Beverage Stakes are a perfect way to enjoy your favorite picnic beverage. We have a great time choosing a sampling of vintage-inspired favorites like Boylan Black Cherry, classic Cheerwine, and the super refreshing Silk Road Pear Mint when we’re headed to the park. This fun, retro cooler keeps up to a dozen bottles cold, and is such a cool addition to any outdoor event. I can’t wait to tote it to the beach this summer!

DIY drink stakes 7DIY drink stakes 8

DIY drink stakes 9

DIY drink stakes 10

Because of their simple assembly, the DIY Picnic Beverage Stakes can be taken apart, making them more portable. They would also make such a great gift for a wedding or birthday. Now that I’ve picnicked with them, I can’t imagine ever picnicking without them!



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