DIY Mud Room Chalk Paint Calendar


This large landing area in our new home was a big factor in falling in love with this house, despite the fact that it was outdated, dingy, and dark. I saw potential for instant organization, an inviting area to welcome guests, and possibly a quiet place to sit and relax.




Although I love the dark wall trend, I opted for half-white paint and half-black paint, and I painted the bottom half of the room with chalk paint as a bonus space for the kids to get creative while waiting on mom or pop. The success of the chalk paint walls inspired me to paint the back of the door, leading to the basement (with chalk paint as well), in order to create a wall calendar. During the winter, I used larger squares to represent Monday through Sunday, but for summer activities I created a full month calendar using DIY chalk paint.


Here is how you can make your own chalk paint and calendar!


Chalk Paint Calendar:

  • 1 box of regular/nontoxic classroom chalk
  • food processor
  • storage container
  • paintbrush
  • letter stencils or stickers
  • ruler or straight edge


1. Begin by chopping up the chalk in your food processor until it is finely ground. Then, add water into the processor, a small amount at a time, until it reaches the consistency of paint.

2. Once your chalk paint is ready, use a straight edge or ruler to make the outline of your calendar, including a horizontal line 3/4 of the way up the calendar (for the month and day of week labels) and 35 small boxes (5 weeks) to represent the days.

3. Next, place letter stickers to represent each day of the week along the top of each column, as well as a large oval in the top center of the rectangle.

4. Then, apply the chalk paint, overlapping the stickers.

5. After the chalk paint is dry, remove the stickers to reveal a clean calendar to write the month, dates, and activities! The benefit of beginning with chalk paint for the outline of the calendar is having the ability to write in and erase activities without disturbing the outline. When you do want to remove the outline simply wipe with soapy water.

Time: This entire process took no more than 30 minutes to complete from start to finish.

This room really came together once a few beautiful finds were incorporated, including this amazing indoor/outdoor rug, picnic basket, plant, storage baskets, door knobs, candles, and chair cushion!


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