DIY Decorative Christmas Mini Wreaths

Miranda Anderson

I’m always on the hunt for simple, beautiful and nature-inspired Christmas decorations. These DIY Christmas mini wreaths are a great solution for adding beautiful fresh greenery and minimalist decor to your home. They are darling when hung as a group and equally lovely over kitchen cabinets or bedroom doors during the Holiday season. They could also be used as gift wrap toppers or around the base of tabletop candles. The possibilities are endless!

DIY Christmas Mini Wreaths - Discover, A World Market Blog

I first made some of these mini wreaths for our home a few years ago and I got so many compliments, I had to share with all of you and make them again! The process of making them is very simple, perfect for a craft night, or while watching a favorite show. It doesn’t take any special tools or equipment, so you should be able to complete them pretty easily.

You will need the following materials to make each mini wreath:

  • a piece of 12″ floral wire, any gauge
  • a spool of thin floral wire cut into several 1″ pieces
  • a handful of fresh eucalyptus, pine, boxwood, or other soft-stemmed greenery (I used eucalyptus for this example)
  • 1 yard of decorative ribbon for hanging

DIY Christmas Mini Wreaths - Discover, A World Market Blog


1. Bend one piece of straight wire into a circle.

2. Wrap one end around the other by about 2 inches to secure into a closed loop.

3. Thread one piece of greenery through the center and wrap around the wire, securing it in one place.

4. Continue wrapping the soft-stem around the wire until it completes the circle.

5. Use a few of the smaller 1″ bits of wire as twist-ties to secure the stem onto the wire circle.

6. Add more stems of greenery if needed to fill in along the wreath, or for a more lush look.

7. Fold the ribbon length in half and thread the center through the wreath, then tuck both ends through the loop, making a knot.

8. Repeat with as many mini-wreaths as you want to complete!

They turn out beautiful, minimalist and natural. The greenery stays nice as it dries, and these wreaths last all season. They go perfectly with rustic decor like this cool wooden cranberry garland, a classic nutcracker, and some green velvet pillows. The minimalist design also pairs well with the mid-century vibe of the popular Xander chair.

DIY Christmas Mini Wreaths - Discover, A World Market Blog

Love these Mini Wreaths? Find all of the other Christmas decor you need right here! Happy Holidays!


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