5 Things You Need to Know About Our Block Printed Rugs


1. All about the numbers. Did you know that it can take five carvers up to three days to create a block print pattern in just one printing block? That’s a lot of hours spent on just one block, especially since the printers often use as many as 30 blocks to complete just one design.

2. Slow movement. Block printed rugs are part of the artisanal “slow” movement. Block printing is extremely labor- and time-intensive, requires a tremendous amount of skill, and resists any machine-made enhancements in design and process.

3. Rajasthan proud. It’s no surprise that the Indian city of Jaipur is renowned for their block printing and unique textiles. Known the world over as being an arts and crafts hub and the producer of vibrant, exquisite block printed rugs, Jaipur’s elite has always supported its artisans and craftsmen as patrons. Bright colors, intricate designs plucked straight from nature and architecture, and a penchant for all things ornate made the interior lives of Jaipur’s upper echelons uncommon and chromatic—two ever-present qualities in our selection of block printed rugs.

4. No two rugs are exactly alike. Each wooden block that depicts the border or main design is made and applied by hand onto the fabric, which means each rug truly bears the unique marks of its maker.

5. Experienced artisans go first. Our rugs have been touched by some of India’s most experienced artists, who first print the outline of the block design, on which the rest of the process is based. After, other team members fill in the colors with “fill” blocks.

5 Things You Need to Know About Our Block Printed Rugs - Discover, a blog by World Market

5 Things You Need to Know About Our Block Printed Rugs - Discover, a blog by World Market


  • Suzanne Grill

    Just bought a beautiful blue/black design Jaipur area rug. The fact that it was hand printed was one reason I chose it. Can’t stop admiring it every time I walk into the living room. Keep them coming!

  • Janet

    Loved reading about this process!

  • JB

    This is fantastic. I think most people would like to know where and how our items are produced.
    Thank you World Market. I hope these artists are paid a fair wage, they’ve earned it.

  • Ann Hodges

    Oops. Typo–You know I meant rug rather than run.

  • Ann Hodges

    Can you use this type run on an outside, covered balcony?

  • Anne

    That is So cool! Love the behind the scenes on how your products are made!!

    Would love one of these in my home.


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