5 Things You Need to Know About Our World Market Brand Coffees

Ah, coffee. To brew it is a ritual that can elevate any morning or afternoon cup into a spiritual experience. At least that’s what our coffee buyer Synthia Chee believes. “Coffee is a deeply personal experience: picking the right coffee and choosing a brewing method—the entire process is as unique as the person drinking the coffee,” says Synthia.

Whether you love a cup in the morning as a necessary jolt or you’re simply looking to discover new blends, we’re giving you five more reasons to love our World Market® Coffee.

5 Things You Need to Know About Our World Market Brand Coffees - Discover, A World Market Blog

1. We have NEW Direct Trade coffees

Our new Direct Trade coffees are coming at a time where people want to know where their food is coming from and if it is sourced ethically and responsibly. We are proud to offer Direct Trade coffees that foster direct relationships with the farmers and small producers, and in turn help their communities.

If you’re a little confused, we don’t blame you. Direct Trade Coffee often gets lumped into Fair Trade Coffee, yet there are several distinctions between the two. The former allows for collaborative relationships between independent farmers and roasters, whereas farmers have little to no contact with roasters of Fair Trade coffee and cannot give direct feedback, often making quality control difficult between batches.

“We think long-lasting, quality relationships between farmers and roasters make for a more exceptional coffee tasting experience, not to mention that it helps meet the needs of the farmers and their respective communities,” says Synthia.

2. Five words: 100% top-tier Arabica beans

Sip on this: Every coffee in our new Direct Trade program is made up of 100% premium Arabica beans, each one carefully picked and roasted to perfection in small batches. “Not very many people know this, but back in the day, World Market used to roast our own coffee in Oakland—that’s how devoted we were and still are to our World Market Brand Coffees and our coffee-loving customers. We’re proud to continue our commitment to quality coffee.”

5 Things You Need to Know About Our World Market Brand Coffees - Discover, A World Market Blog

3. We’ve added new coffee regions and new recipes to the bag

Our Mayan Blend features beans from Mexico, which is a new country of origin for us. “Also, we’ve added beans from Ethiopia in our Moka Java coffee, which now is a mix of Ethiopian and Indonesian (Java) beans. (Previously, the Moka Java was a mix of Yemeni and Indonesian beans; the new addition of the Ethiopian beans brings out brighter notes than our previous blend.)”

We have also adjusted our recipes for two of our coffees: Our Salted Caramel coffee is an update to an oldie but goodie (the old Crème Caramel), and what was once our Vanilla Bean coffee has a richer vanilla aroma and flavor since we switched to Tahitian Vanilla Bean.

5 Things You Need to Know About Our World Market Brand Coffees - Discover, A World Market Blog

4. Here’s the buzz: $8.99 for Direct Trade Coffee

Coffee can be really exciting, and the joy of discovering new coffee shouldn’t come at such a high price. “We really want people to taste the world, one cup at a time, and to be able to do this at a price they can live with. We want you to discover the bright and winey flavors that come from Tanzanian coffees; the earthy and full-bodied coffees that Sumatra is famous for; and the wonderfully bright acidity from Costa Rica,” says Synthia.

5. Specialty brewing methods work well with our Direct Trade coffees

Our Direct Trade coffees are best enjoyed using specialty brewing methods like the French Press or a Chemex. Synthia learned this firsthand on a trip to Costa Rica, where she stumbled upon a quaint cafe in Monte Verde and experienced the same coffee using different brewing methods.

“The French press coffee was well-rounded with a full body and had a syrupy mouth-feel; the metal filter allowed the bean’s natural oils and sediment to stay in the cup. The coffee prepared with the Chemex had a smoother texture and purer flavor; the paper filter that was used in the Chemex was up to three times thicker than a standard drip-coffee filter. Its acidity was more pronounced, yielding stronger citrus notes. Finally, the automatic drip coffeemaker fell right in between the two (methods), resulting in a less intense cup than the French press.”

Get your java on with World Market® Coffee


  • Nickp

    I must join the chorus. Please bring PERUVIAN coffee back. I also no longer shop at World Market due to this.

  • John Wyatt

    We need your Peruvian Dark Roast 24oz bags of a few years ago to come back. When I found out WM was getting rid of the Peruvian Dark Roast in 2017 the wife and I bought every bag we could at every WM store in central Texas. We finally ran out. So sad. No the new lighter roast is not even close to what WM had before.

  • Judi

    Please bring back the 12 oz. bags of Italian Roast Whole Bean Coffee. The only kind you now offer in the 12 ounce already ground. Very disappointed in that change.

  • Nancy

    Why do you think “salted caramel” makes it better? I quote -“Our Salted Caramel coffee is an update to an oldie but goodie (the old Crème Caramel), “. You even stated the fact that the oldie was a goodie. Don’t like the new and not buying anymore from you. Such a shame!!!

  • Dorothy

    Another vote to bring back the Peruvian coffee. It was the best one! Now..I just don’t know what to buy. ..so I don’t!

  • Ashley Herrington

    I am curious to know if there is any form of coconut in your coffees? I have not been able to find a full list of ingredients, and have allergies in the house.

  • tim racca

    Hi- please bring back your Peruvian coffee. there is really nothing like it. i used to blend it with your Sumatran,
    (one part Peruvian and two parts Sumatran), and it was amazing!

  • Rebecca

    How is the decaf processed? I’m hoping it is water process and not chemical.

  • Ed Sandy

    I was a loyal drinker of your 24 oz. full bean Sumatran coffee until I developed A-fib and had to switch to decaf. For a while I could buy the 24 oz. bags of full bean decaf Sumatran, but now you only carry it in the 12 oz. pre-ground bags. Any chance you might market the 24 oz. full bean decaf Sumatran again?

  • Lark Downs

    Your Island Blend no longer states “Low Acid” on the label. Why? Is it now higher in acidity?

  • Janice E. Green

    I wish you hadn’t changed the Vanilla Bean coffee from medium roast to light roast — the vanilla flavor is barely there anymore in the Tahitian version and the aroma is totally gone! Product #412003 was absolutely WONDERFUL……truly missed!!

    • Julie Evans

      Yes, PLEASE listen to your coffee drinkers. Vanilla Bean needs to come back. I haven’t been to WM since.

      • Julie Evans

        Today I just drank my last cup of the “old Vanilla Bean” that I had stocked up on and now I’m out. Sad, sad day.

  • Milt Weisman

    I looking for decaf whole bean coffee from you. It appears a lot of people are asking for it also. Do you plan to bring any back besides the Italian decaf whole bean? I would like to see French Roast and Sumatra in decaf whole bean. Looking forward to your response. Thank you

  • Jean

    How do you determine the acidity levels in the coffee now? The previous packaging would let you know if it is high, medium or low acidity. We only choose coffee with low acidity.

    • World Market Editorial
      World Market Editorial

      Hi Jean,

      Thanks for your question. The darker coffees generally have lower acidity levels.

      We ranked our coffees from darkest to lightest: Italian, French, Rainforest Organic > Sumatra, Costa Rica, Island Blend > Amalfi Coast, Moka Java > Mayan Blend.

      Hope that helps!

      -World Market Editor

  • Jenny

    Please bring back the Peruvian coffee. It has been a staple at our home for over a decade. I wish I’d stocked up more…I’ve tried the other blends and can’t find one we like. Or if someone knows of another brand like the Peruvian please let me know.

    • Candy & Steve Martin

      I agree with you! The Peruvian is THE best!! We’ve also been drinking it for many years and had it first atour aunt Lyz home and she is from Peru! Many of our family members and friends love it also and we are all VERY disappointed that we can’t get it anymore! Why stop something that people love and enjoy??!! We want it back, no other brand compares as we have also tried them all!

      • Jim

        Another enthusiastic vote for the no-longer-available Peruvian coffee. It was our favorite and converted my brother-in-law to it just before WM dropped it.
        Since most of us are Explorer Club members, WM can see what we buy. They could easily notify users before a coffe is dropped from their inventory.
        Bring back PERUVIAN!!!

        • Peter Burton

          I agree … please bring Peruvian and also the whole bean versions of others that you used to carry.

  • Jason

    Please bring back the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee that you used to have. It was by far my favorite coffee from World Market.

  • Vicky

    Happy to announce that the World Market 24oz Whole Bean Italian Decaf will be in stores and online mid August.

  • Jeff

    How about bringing back a whole-bean decaf in the large bags?

    Clerk in my store: “Nothing changed except the package. Plus, they added some flavors. And took some flavors away.”

    Yeah, but nothing changed.

  • Patrick

    Like several prior writers, I am disappointed that the 24 ounce Decaf whole beans appear to be gone. I use two of these and two of the “leaded” French Roast or Italian Roast each month. Cannot tolerate flavored coffees.

  • david mclintock

    I needed one more bag for a free coffee. Grant it, I gave it away because I only like Peruvian, but World Market screwed up my favorite by not offering it anymore, what a crock. I have been trying Gevalia and Seattle. Both have no flavor compared to Peruvian. Perhaps Central Market or Sprouts will offer a better product. I always liked the Lover’s Lane store in Dallas, but no sense in shopping at World Market anymore. Talk about losing customers … what were they thinking?

  • Maciej

    I loved your Costa Rica terrrazu. It was my all-time favorite. I’m so sad you got rid of it.It time to looking replacement on Amazon.com

  • Frank Ferrara

    Yes, I don’t think the coffee changes were for the best. Whole bean Italian roast (24 oz.) is very different; to the point of bitter. And for the 12 oz. free bag it only comes ground. BTW if you only but 24 oz bags you should get a 24 oz bag when it’s time for the free bag. Too bad this was excellent coffee. Guess I have to look for a replacement.

  • Marcia

    Have to agree with some of the other comments. There’s a sizable market for us Decaff-ers, and I have been disappointed with your selections to buy off the shelves. I’m not interested in ordering multiples on-line, but prefer off-shelf purchases–for one reason, to try the blends first before sinking cash into them.
    Thanks for considering our feedbacks!!!

  • Brian P

    Back to Starbucks? Sounds like the Italian Roast 24oz Decaf Beans are no longer available. I’d buy about a bag a month and, since it was located in the back of the store, buy other things on my way out. Great coffee, great price, too bad it’s gone. Any chance this product will be resurrected?

  • Julie Evans

    All we drink is the world market vanilla bean. Now you changed it to taste more like hazelnut and it’s terrible. Please bring back the old vanilla bean. I only have 5 bags left and I don’t know what to do. I will NOT be buying this vanilla bean. We go through at least 1 bag a week. I am going crazy!!!

  • Gail Blackman

    Costa Rica Terrazu is no longer available as beans at all? what is the New Mexican Bean called. Is it already in stores. Thanks

  • Mark

    So sad the Peruvian blend was lost… That was the best coffee and a staple in our house.

    • david mclintock

      I agree. I do not know what to do now. I loved this coffee. I would give away the free 11oz French Roast because I only liked Peruvian. The Rainforest coffe has Apple flavr. What a crock. I guess I will have to shop at Sprouts. They have good coffee and when it’s on sale, it is a deal and you can buy either bbeans or grind it. Thanks a lot World Market. A royal screw up.

  • Suzanne Baker

    I’m also looking for 24-oz. Italian Roast Decaf, apparently not currently available and not in my local store (Frandor, Lansing, MI). Is it going to be back? I buy this frequently and would hate to pay extra for the smaller bags.

    • Vicky

      Hi Suzanne- Happy to advise the at the 24 oz Whole Bean Italian is on the way and should be in stores and online by mid August.

  • Margaret

    Sad kenya aa is discontinued…been purchasing it from world market for years now and not sure what i’m going to do.

  • Eve Kelly

    I went to get a 24 ounce bag of regular decaf at your store for my mother,which we grind. I found the new design of your coffees which I expected to see. But what I didn’t find was the 24 ounce decaf beans. The only kind you made were the 12 ounce already ground decaf. So she won’t be very happy when they are not fresh ground and in a larger bag.. very disappointed in that change. We buy 5 or 6 bags of coffee every month since we drink lots of coffee. Please add back the 24 ounce decaf beans.. I’m sure I’m not the only disappointed customer.

  • Allison

    I loved your Costa Rica terrrazu. It was my all-time favorite. I’m so sad you got rid of it. 😢

    • Gail Blackman

      My husband and l are in agreement. Wish they gave us fair warning to stock up. Coffee Comdolences😟

    • Linda

      Oh No…..my favorite of all time! Now what? Costa Rica has the best coffee ever! Do they know not to mess with coffee drinkers favorites! 😩

  • Daria

    Just came back from Costa Rica. They have amazing coffee.!!Can not wait to try your’s !!

  • Blanche shin

    Any Decaf coffee?

  • Phil

    Finally, direct trade! Excited…. but only missing Organic too

  • Corinne Fultz

    Congrats on water process decaf coffee! No chemicals, can’t wait to try it.


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