5 Ways to Elevate The Look of Your Thanksgiving Table

It’s that time of year again to gather ’round the table with family and friends to celebrate abundance, blessings, and the changing of the seasons. We’re not going to lie—putting together a tablescape for one of the biggest meals of the year is a daunting task, but if you think about, all it really takes to elevate the look of your Thanksgiving table is a few special finishing touches that are guided by one of our tried-and-tested decorating premises: to create both a look and feel of a cozy, lived-in, welcoming home that’s as unique as you.

5 Ways to Elevate The Look of Your Thanksgiving Table - Discover, A World Market Blog

1. Keep it simple, but pick a few details that really shine

The tablescape above is just a few notches more fancy than an everyday dining setting. But look closer and you’ll see name cards tied to flatware and napkins with twine, dainty milk bottle vases to hold freshly-cut stems, and oven-to-table bakers with lids that double as trivets (genius!). Nothing screams “Look at me!” yet one glance at this tablescape and you instantly feel like every detail is intentional and included to make guests smile.

2. Light candles, and lots of them! 

Candles are an easy, inexpensive way to up the style factor of any tablescape, but here’s the thing—lighting a couple of candles creates a nice warm glow, but lighting a dozen at a time? Now, that’s drama! Candles instantly transform any room with its flickering light, and are a great way to show off the waxy sheen of your gourds and fruits. Display unscented pillar candles on wooden boards as a group or as singular pieces on candleholders or inside hurricanes, and go ahead and light a few taper candles to vary the height and add diversity to your candlescape.

We recommend lighting a few just in time for the arrival of guests, and saving a few to light right before the start of the big feast to give guests the chance to give thanks for the bounty in front of them and signal the beginning of a remarkable evening.

5 Ways to Elevate The Look of Your Thanksgiving Table - Discover, A World Market Blog

3. Bring rustic elements to the table

There’s something that makes people feel warm and fuzzy inside at the sight of natural elements at the table. Little additions like pinecones plucked from the ground during one’s morning walk, or tabletop turkey decor made of natural fiber and wood chips add a casual touch of warmth and exude the feeling of appreciation for Mother Earth’s bounty and blessings.

5 Ways to Elevate The Look of Your Thanksgiving Table - Discover, A World Market Blog

4. Pick a theme—any theme!

Whether it’s turkey tabletop decor or pinecones, freshly-cut wild flowers or a color motif, create a look that’s pulled together by a theme. Having a theme for the big meal is a special touch, but one we think is worth the extra thought that goes into unifying the look of the table and celebrations.

We love the style of the Thanksgiving table below. It’s a subtle homage to fall foliage, but the theme is repeated in the floral centerpiece, the runner, the plates, and even the table linen colors seem plucked straight from the autumnal hues of the flowers.

5 Ways to Elevate The Look of Your Thanksgiving Table - Discover, A World Market Blog

5. Be a relaxed hostess!

We know, we know, it’s easier said than done, but there is nothing more stylish and elegant than a hostess who is sipping wine with her guests and enjoying the moment—and conversely, nothing more distracting than a hostess who can’t seem to stay in her seat for longer than five minutes! Let your friends and family mix and mingle, and give guests the most precious blessing of all: your presence at the table.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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