5 Creepy Halloween Cocktail Garnishes

This Halloween, we want to bring out your dark side, and what better way to dabble in the dark arts than making creepy cocktail garnishes?

From delectable devil horns to spooky licorice spiders, you’re sure to get tons of props (and maybe a few screams) for making these eye-catching garnishes. Be warned—it’s hard to have a tame, unadorned cocktail after you’ve used a witch’s broom as a swizzle stick.


Garnish #1: Devil Horns
This is a great garnish for a Bloody Maria or a Michelada. Just cut the stems off of each pepper, making about a 1/4-inch slice. Gently remove the seeds from inside the pepper, and carefully cut slits on both sides of each pepper (about 1-inch deep). Gently push the peppers onto the glass rim and space out the peppers evenly to create horns.

You’ll need:
-2 Red chili peppers that match well in size and shape

Garnish #2: Veggie Mohawk
A fitting garnish for a Bloody Maria or a Michelada, this freakishly cool-looking garnish happens to be quite easy to make. Simply trim the wooden skewer so that it fits across the glass with just a bit of overhang on either side. Alternate your pickled vegetable of choice making a pattern. Then, place the skewer across the glass and add a decorative toothpick to the front if desired. Trim the celery so it will reach the bottom of the glass and the “mohawk leaves” stick out above the skewer. Place at intervals, splitting the stalk of celery to fit over the skewer as necessary.

You’ll need:
-12 Small pickled vegetables, such as cocktail onions, gherkins or olives.
-2 to 3 Celery stalks (with leaves)
Wooden skewers
-Decorative tooth pick (optional)



Garnish #3: Witch’s Hat
Perfect for eye-catching smoothies and margaritas, the witch’s hat garnish adds a festive note to any drink. Just trim the chocolate cone down to the desired hat size, making sure the “hat” will fit the grape snuggly. Then, fill the cone with a dollop of candy melt and press the hair pieces inside the cone; insert the grape into the cone, making sure enough of sticks out to create the face, and insert the skewer through the grape and into the cone; be careful not to break through the cone tip. When the hat has set, melt a bit more candy melt and add eyes to the grape with the tip of a toothpick. Insert the skewer into a straw if desired.

You’ll need:
-1 Chocolate ice cream cone
-1 Green grape
-6 Pieces of green sour string
-Black candy melt (or royal icing)
-Skewer and toothpicks
-Paper straw (optional)



Garnish #4: Witch’s Broom

Great for apple cider or drinks with mulling spices, this ghoulish garnish is a match made in a witch’s lair. Once you’ve chosen your cinnamon sticks, insert a toothpick into the top (this will be the anchor for your “broom bristles”). Then, cut a generous 1-inch piece of licorice twist. Starting at one end, cut straight down the twist about a 1/2-inch, 5 or 6 times, leaving the opposite end whole. Attach the “bristles” to the cinnamon stick by pressing them down on the toothpick. A licorice tie adds just the right finishing touch.

You’ll need:
-Extra-long cinnamon sticks, long enough to stick out above the rim of your glass (you can join 2 sticks with a toothpick)
Licorice twists
Licorice laces or wheels



Garnish #5: Licorice Spider
Play up the arachnophobia with these creepy crawlies. Unwind 2 licorice wheels and cut each piece into 4 long legs. Using candy melt, sandwich the legs in between the two remaining wheels and let set. Then, decorate the spider as desired. Once the spider is ready, gently press a skewer into the bottom of the spider to help it “rest” on the top of the glass. Arrange the legs over the edge of the glass and prepare to scare.

You’ll need:
4 Licorice Wheels
-Black candy melt
-More candy melt or candies to decorate spider if desired


A wicked-good Halloween starts with freakishly good decor, spooky candy and ghoulish entertaining essentials. We’ve got all that and more in our Halloween Shop




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